Welcome to our web-site, White Dove So Cal, white dove release service, a display of beautiful snow white doves, an exquisite touch for all occasions, weddings, quincenearas, funerals & memorials. Release doves, an old age tradition embraced by many cultures for centuries for their beauty & symbolism to world peace, love & devotion, in ancient times, a white dove was given as a gift from the groom to his bride symbolizing his promise to care for her & the family, the bride in return, would also give a dove to the groom as a symbol of purity, love, faith & new beginnings. To our dearly departed, the white dove, symbolizes the holy spirit & eternal love. Celebrate a life or an event, Over whelm your guest in attendance with an inspirational gift of doves to be cherished by all for years to come, the sight of a flock of all White Doves.

Thank you for your interest in our White Dove Release service, through dedication to our customers and our commitment to quality, we feel that we can offer you the best service in this industry. Our goal is to create satisfied customers out of each and every contact, to assist us in this effort.

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